URTL/OMGL Week 7 Recap and Announcement

The last week has been extremely busy and hectic for Imperative Gaming, but luckily Imperative was able to pull itself through with fantastic results and achievements to end the week.

In the URTL Imperative Gaming was put up against Fallacy, a team that had previously all-killed iGx in the OMGL. The bright side of this week was that Imperative was at least able to put itself on the board and avoid a second all-kill by the hands of icon-miniprotossCardris. The dark side was Imperative still went down hard. The series kicked off with Sacrilege leading on MLG Star Station, a player who Imperative typically leaves to be on the further end of their line-up. icon-minizergSacrilege fell to a build order loss opting for spire and being directly countered by Stargate centered play of which was able to easily contain and frustrate the Zerg. icon-miniterranRhyme and icon-miniterranKnight followed in attempt to halt icon-miniprotossCardris from achieving his second all-kill but ultimately fell. icon-minizergProxee, Imperative’s only other Zerg entered and put a stop to icon-miniprotossCardris’s rampage with fantastically played roach/ling after capitalizing perfectly off a near flawless defense against a 4 gate +1 opening from icon-miniprotossCardris. Following up his success with mutalisk, Cardris crumbled to multi-prong attacks and heavy muta harassment eventually curling up and waving the white flag. icon-minizergProxee unfortunately would be unable to achieve anything further as he crumbled to Fallacy’s Terran, icon-miniterranJank, in his Achille’s heel that is ZvT.

Imperative Gaming vs. Fallacy

icon-minizergSacrilege <MLG Star Station> icon-miniprotossCardris

icon-miniterranRhyme <GSL Whirlwind> icon-miniprotossCardris

icon-miniterranKnight <MLG Cloud Kingdom> icon-miniprotossCardris

icon-minizergProxee <GSL Bel’Shir Vestiege> icon-miniprotossCardris

icon-minizergProxee <Akilon Wastes> icon-miniterranJank

Fallacy wins 4-1!

The OMGL began what was to be a plethora of great news to turn around the week. Put against Infected Gaming, a team currently 0-6 in the OMGL, Imperative’s line-up consisted of nothing but it’s heavy hitters. Originally being icon-miniterranKnight, icon-miniprotossImplisity, icon-minizergSacrilege, icon-miniprotossBoss, due to an extremely lengthy delay in the starting time, the starter was changed to icon-miniprotossImplisity. icon-miniprotossImplisity was able to take both game 1 and 2 in beautifully played PvP’s as he came back after being substantially behind with fantastic decision making and well refined timing. Unfortunately Implisity fell unexpected to Infected’ts icon-miniterranGenti, in a long macro game that was brought down to the wire. He took out over 100 workers though, and any Protoss that does that deserves a personal achievement. Deprived of their possibility for an all-kill, Imperative opted to rip down the final two members of Infected Gaming using icon-miniprotossHerc, who made a return to his winning form with a proxy oracle versus icon-miniterranGenti and mass phoenix to demoralize Cat in a PvP on Cloud Kingdom. Successfully bringing up their score +3 points, Imperative poses itself in a very fragile position. If Imperative has any hopes to make the play-offs for OMGL, they’ll have to rely almost entirely on other teams tripping over themselves and scoring minimally.

Imperative Gaming vs. Infected Gaming

  icon-miniprotossImplisity <GSL Bel`Shir Vestige>  icon-miniprotossMyxomatosis
icon-miniprotossImplisity <Kespa Neo Planet S>  icon-miniprotossiGSkUll
icon-miniprotossImplisity <MLG Daybreak>  icon-miniterrangenti
icon-miniprotossHerc <MLG Newkirk>  icon-miniterrangenti
icon-miniprotossHerc <MLG Cloud Kingdom>  icon-miniprotossCat

Imperative Gaming wins 4-1!

Imperative Gaming Announces Partnership with Z33k!


In other news, Imperative is proud to announce that it is partnering up with z33k! Imperative Gaming will be hosting 1-3 tournaments through z33k a month! Prizes will vary between money, trial invites to the team, or coaching. This partnership is a big step in the right direction and a great check-mark as to signify that Imperative is a growing and progressive North American team. We look forward to working with our new partners and hope to benefit both parties in a long and successful run! Take a look at z33k’s website! http://www.z33k.com/ Imperative will also be hosting it’s first official recruitment tournament tonight at 8pm EST as well! http://www.z33k.com/games/starcraft2-heart-of-the-swarm/tournaments/11198-imperative-gaming-s-recruitment-tournament


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